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Hoping to leave Zoey in foster care for a year

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Zoey is a pitbull mix, which sounds intimidating but is the opposite. She is a loyal, smart and playful girl who makes us laugh and cry at the same time. It will take a wee while to get her comfortable as we took her in from a very abusive owner. She is very submissive due to this, however is full of love, licks and play fights. She also loves car rides, as most doggos do.

She is a bit of a picky eater, loves chicken as we fed her fresh chicken when she was a pup. A spoilt princess you could say. But she will eat when she needs if her bowl is left with food.

She doesn’t do too well with chickens and ducks from experience.

She will happily cuddle with you, walk with you and even comfort you when you feel upset. She is a very good girl.

Please, if you are interested we do not want or need anything but for her to be in a loving temporary home while we try to sort ourselves and not affect her.

Contact 02108943282 if you are interested.

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LocationClendon park, NORTH 2103
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