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Terms and conditions & ethical breeding agreement

The following page outlines both the Rescue Pets & Sales terms and conditions, and ethical breeding agreement. By using our website, you are agreeing to abide by these conditions at all times.

Terms & conditions

Breeding agreement - Advertisers & sellers

All Pet Sales Advertisers, Sellers, or users that are engaging in the trading of pets agree to the following terms:

  • Where necessary by law, a Microchip Number must be provided for each pet advertised on the website.
  • The pet you are advertising for sale has been ethically bred, i.e.
    • The mother has had only one litter over the past 12 months
    • No dog or cat, kitten or puppy is kept in a cage, unless used for transport
    • All pets have been vaccinated and are free form parasites, fleas and ticks
    • No pet advertised has been harmed or mistreated
    • The pet, and its parents, have been well fed and exercised
    • If you are a Breeder you must allow potential purchaser to visit the site of birth plus if possible meet the pets parents
  • Only registered breeders can list more than one litter during any twelve month period
  • Kittens and Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they are taken away from their parent
  • Where applicable Breeders must be able to supply government registration/licence/permit details to buyers

Pet Sales Policies are based on RSPCA Guidelines

Pet Sales goal is to present ethically breed, well looked after pets to the community. We desire to find safe, suitable homes where they will be well loved and looked after. All advertisements for pets placed on Pet Sales must adhere to our code of practice.

In many countries it is a rule that Dogs and Cats for sale must be Micro chipped. Pet Sales has made this a mandatory field where this is necessary.

Pet Sales wished to facilitate and encourage ethical and responsible breeding of pets. Pet Sales reserves the right to remove any advertisement where it feels the advertiser breaches this policy. Pet Sales users are responsible for complying with our policies about adopting, buying or selling a pet and posting on Pet Sales.